The Importance Of Protecting Your Employees Against Accidents

Even when safety recommendations have been put into action, there is a certain level of risk involved in all work activities; sooner or later, accidents will happen. Be protected against these undesirable cases; don’t let these situations affect the morale of your workforce. Bear in mind that employees are every company’s productivity core.

Protect your personnel with a group personal accident insurance

Statistics show that regardless of a safety plan’s high efficiency within a company, there is a random component that might trigger an accident. Whether the magnitude of the accident is significant or not, measures must be taken immediately in order to mitigate it. When your employees are directly affected by an uncomfortable situation such as this, there should be a quick response from the company’s side. This response should not only aim to diminish the accident’s immediate consequences, but also find a way to restore the working conditions prior to the unwanted event.

An excellent way of attending both sides (short and long term) of an accident is by acquiring a competent accident insurance plan for all your staff.

We at Group Insurance Plan Malaysia can assist to help you make the right choice for your company’s group insurance needs.

Now, instead of getting individual coverage for each of your employees, which has proven to be an expensive and time-consuming task, consider signing up for a group accident insurance. A simpler process and less expensive administrative costs are obvious reasons for you to acquire an insurance plan of this nature. However, these are not the only benefits that you and your staff get when purchasing a group insurance product.

By signing up to a reliable group personal accident insurance, you show your workers that you care for their well-being. They know that, in the unfortunate case of an accident, they will have wide access to medical assistance and also compensation for medical issues related to the incident. Your employees’ families will also appreciate your interest and care for their well-being.

Get more benefits from your accident insurance

Both employers and employees can benefit from our A-SME Plus group personal insurance plan. Some of the main features of this plan are:

  • Besides basic coverage, which offers protection in cases of death and total or partial disablement due to accidental causes, employees with the A-SME Plus plan will receive coverage for:
    • Medical Reimbursement
    • Weekly Indemnity
    • Hospital Care Benefit
    • Daily Hospital Income
  • Tax deductible premium.
  • Easy to use and simple to understand.
  • Service Center always available

A-SME Plus requirements

  • From 5 to 150 employees in the company
  • Employees must work full-time
  • Employees must be below 65 years of age

Don’t let your business be affected by unpredictable accidents. By contracting us at Group Insurance Plan Malaysia, all your group insurance coverage are taken care off. With our insurance plan, you will get immediate solutions and long-term coverage for all your personnel. Keep your workforce contented by showing how much you care for their health. Remember that an employee who feels secure in his or her work place is an efficient worker.

Call or email us at Group Insurance Plan Malaysia for free no obligation quote. Just like you, we care for your employees medical and health needs and saving your company cost by offering the best group insurance plan suited for your company.

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