Group insurance provides an ideal platform for employees, associations, and a small business enterprise to get insured and avail several benefits of group insurance that comes with it. Group insurance plan helps eliminates the adverse selection problem by creating a pool for all the employees in the company where their risks are averaged out. Using group insurance policy, employers and employees both can benefit through cost saving and lower initial payments as compared to traditional individual insurance policies.

Group Insurance Characteristics

There are different kinds of group insurance products available in the market, but they have certain common features which distinguish group insurance policies from other types of policies available on the market. These unique trends are briefly discussed below.

  • Group insurance policies are intended to safeguard a group or association, who possess a single common characteristic in the form of association with a particular body or organization.
  • The policy is usually held by a master policyholder who can be the employer, the owner or elected leader of the association. The master policy holder interacts with the other policyholders to save time and paperwork.
  • These policies are available at discounted rates to reflect the lesser administration cost and bulk policy purchase that reduces the risk of the policy provider.
  • Flexible and customized options that enable the policy seekers to get a tailor-made plan according to their requirements that create more value for the company or insured group.

Group Insurance Products

The premium payment and term life for all policyholders is based on the average age of all the participants in the group. Due to an average age based calculation, the employees are able to benefit from a single premium payment that is substantially lower than the one they would have gotten if they had chosen an individual policy. Our company provides several group insurance products, Small or Medium sized organization with employees range from 11-150 can benefit from our A-SME Plus products that provides several benefits listed below.

  • Cashless care for outpatients at our panel hospitals all across the nation that ensure a simple and carefree option
  • 24/7 customer service to provide guidance and instruction about any questions that may arise in the policyholder’s mind
  • Flexible products in form preferred Group Insurance Plan to provide clients with required features only to save cost and create value
  • Overseas support for the policyholders that have opted for additional corporate solutions

Why Choose US?

There are several organizations in the industry that provide group insurance policies, but none have the experience and pedigree that our organization possess. With 24/7 support, clean and concise policies that the clients would always remain aware of their rights. Our extensive network of registered clinics and insurance providers around the nations provide a wide-ranging choice for our clients, who can utilize our services wherever they are. Experience and reputation are key for any insurance organization to sustain in the long run. Our company has very good market penetration and awareness that is the testament to our quality and commitment.

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