Improve Your Business’ Productivity With Group Healthcare Insurance

A standard health insurance provides medical care to an individual, granting her or him access to a number of health services. This benefit usually brings a level of serenity and convenience to the policy holder. With this picture in mind, now imagine how it would be to give healthcare insurance to a whole group of employees. Employers have seen group healthcare insurance services as a great opportunity to motivate their whole workforce and to show that they care for the welfare of its employees. Many studies have demonstrated that motivated workers will put more effort when accomplishing their assigned tasks. In fact, motivation tends to turn into better levels of productivity and high-quality results.

In addition to the advantages of having a motivated staff, employers have a quick and simple way of solving their personnel’s medical red-tapes. This is a win-win situation; the employer will have its employee back at work in no time with a more efficient and less complicated medical claims and their cost of recovery from injuries or sickness are all taken care off by the group insurance policy. An excellent solution for both parties.

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It’s practical!

In contrast to individual insurance policies, applying for a group healthcare insurance is a faster and less expensive procedure. It is faster because it allows the company or the employer to send all the staff’s documentation in bulk. Only one person will be designated as the Master Policy Holder in order to simplify all communications between the insurance agency and the standard policy holders. This person is usually the employer, but it can also be a representative of the employer. Because the insurance operations are much simpler than having a bunch of individual insurance contracts, a group healthcare plan is also less expensive due to fewer administrative tasks needed and better priced because of the bulk purchase options.

How to choose the right group healthcare insurance plan?

Each business is unique in its nature of business with its own variables and characteristics. Thus, there is no right or wrong way to choose a healthcare plan. Unless, of course, the plan has the ability to be customized, so as to adjusts to each company’s specific needs. In that case, you shouldn’t need to look any further. The only previous step to take would be to find out your employees’ needs and evaluate how a group healthcare insurance would benefit your business. A good idea to know more about your company’s status would be to perform a survey among your personnel.

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Who gets to pay the premium?

Basically, there are two payment modals for group healthcare insurance plans: contributory and non-contributory. The first one requires a careful evaluation due to the premium be split between the policy holders (the employees) and the master policy holder (the employer or a company’s representative). On the other hand, a non-contributory insurance plan is paid in full by the company owner or the employer.

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