There are several different types of insurance that exist on the market intended to meet different requirements of different consumers. One such insurance product that is widely used around the globe comes in the form of Group Insurance. It is a type of insurance under which multiple members of a family or a workplace group are jointly covered under a single policy. The policy is usually owned and paid for by the Employer, business owner or the head of the family.

Who gets the coverage?

Under the group life coverage policy, all the individuals in the specified group or family are covered. We provide A-SME group insurance policy that is ideal for small businesses containing 11-150 employees. The policy would cover all the selected employees of the company in case of Hospitalization and Outpatient services in case of Preferred care and would only provide hospitalization service in case of Group health plan.

Group Life insurances are much more affordable and cheap as compared to an individual policy mainly due to the very minimal initial costs and substantially less paper work that simplifies the entire procedure and does not place a lot of complications over the policy seekers. Insurance companies also prefer Group Insurance because they get multiple accounts opened at their company in a single contract. Group Life insurance is mutually beneficial to policy providers as well as policy seekers. Some of the salient features of Group life insurance are discussed below

• Requires less paperwork thereby avoiding excessive complications and instilling ease and simplicity in the entire process, which is easier to follow for the employers

• Can protect a large number of people under a single umbrella resulting in cost benefits by availing bulk discounts and reduced future payments.

• Very flexible by providing customers with varied plans to choose from depending on their requirements.

• Provides higher incentive for the employees to remain in the organization resulting in employee retention and skill development

Premium and Payment options

Group insurance is ideal for the small organization due to the mutual benefits that all the employees of the organization would be able to glean from the policy. Premium payments for Group insurance are levied based on the combination of age of people that are participating in the policy and the working conditions of the office, which creates a further incentive for the employer to improve the working conditions and provides the employees with motivation and a sense of care towards their workplace.

Why buy from us?

Our company specializes in understanding the requirements of our customers and providing the most customized and value adding plan. We have a range of different group insurance products that provide a wide range of solutions for the organization. Many organizations in the industry don’t have in-depth knowledge and experience of group insurance policy that we possess. Our customer care ensures that the clients receive the proper guidance and consultation for their problems relating to insurance. With our flexible insurance design plans, clients can be ensured that they would be getting the tailor made plans for their employees.

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