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Group Insurance Plan Malaysia

We are proud to represent the leading group insurance company in Malaysia and we strive to ensure that we offer the best comprehensive insurance policy catered to your company’s requirement, whether it is a corporate company or a small business enterprise, we have the right group insurance plan for you.

Our dedicated staffs are highly experience in evaluating the best type of plan catered to your company suited to your company’s need and budget.


Why Group Insurance?

  • Retain the most valuable asset of the company – the employees. People will look into this benefit today when they are searching for jobs. As this is a big cost saving for them if they were to insure their own. If this is their major concern, they may easily jump ship to another company if the benefits offered are better(putting loyalty and other factors aside).
  • Premium paid is 100% tax deductible. This alone can be a huge advantage for your business. The tax savings alone can greatly reduce the effective cost, which at the end of the day may upsurge the workforce value of the company at just a friction of cost.
  • Manage against unpredictable/unplanned employee costs which can affect the company budget and bottom line. Example will be a loss of a key employee. With just the term benefit, the compensation could be planned to cover the company’s financial loss for the year.

Group Insurance products

What is Offered by Group Insurance Plan Malaysia

  • The product of the Group Insurance/Employee Benefits is named A-SME Plus
  • A-SME Plus is the barebones of the group insurance plan, where it can attach several optional benefits to perfectly suite your needs and purposes.
  • Based on experiences, employers mostly looking to provide medical benefits to their employees when they referring to group insurance. Options include coverage for individual, individual and spouse, individual and children & individual and family.
  • Medical benefits are referring to the Hospitalization, Out-patient clinic visits & Specialist visits. All the benefits can be customized for including full coverage or just the hospitalization alone.
  • Additionally, italso can be customized for different categories such as the amount of coverage. With this, we can modify and tailor made to yourbusiness budget. Clients mostly will segregate different coverage categories for different hierarchy levels in the company.
  • Other than the above medical benefits, the next most common benefit attached will be the term life benefit (coverage for death or total permanent disable). Normally company will consider insuring their higher management level employees with a certain amount of sum protection. Example will be 20X their monthly salary for a 500K death or disable protection.
  • The term benefit also includes Partial Permanent Disability which it will compensate a certain % of amount insured in the event of disability to certain parts of the body (similar to Personal Accident insurance).
  • For the term life benefit, it also can be custom designed, e.g. from 20K to 300K coverage. Other than this ranges can be specially requested too.
  • Other optional benefits which can be attachthe plan include:
  • Critical Illness benefit – a lump sum payment of amount insured in the event of any 36 critical illnesses diagnosed
  • 18KS Medical Screening

Why Choose Us?

  • We represent the leading insurance company specialized in group insurance plans.
  • We are the leading player in the industry and constitute near to 70% of the market share in Malaysia.
  • Our plan offers Cashless Access for the medical benefits. Means it all settled by just a swipe of card, no required money down upfront. Which also including clinic visits.
  • We hold the largest nationwide medical provider network, means super easy access everywhere, convenient and practical.
  • Our call center operates 24 x 7.
  • We offers the most comprehensive coverage with superb flexibility plan designs and combinations.
  • Our flagship e-Service online allows our clients to manage day-to-day services such as member enrollment, billing, claim payment and notification of claims through web service. No paper work and delay in transfer processing.